Inclusive cultural experiences

Qué hacemos en Cultura Viva Madrid

What we do?

We create and developed cultural and tourist experiences which are based on the professionalism and the personalized attention.

From CulturaViva, we offer gallery conversations in museums and cultural centers, also with urban tours and experiences in the city. All those activities are designed from a dynamic and contemporary point of view, as dynamic and contemporary is Madrid.

Our projects are destined for the people who wants to know the new cultural and urban scene of the city in an innovative, close and different way: visitors and locals, all of you who are looking for the most beautiful corners in Madrid, you are all welcome.

Madrid is an alive and modern city, but also plenty of history, a city that need from the people who love it, the care and the diffusion of its wealth.


What differentiates us?

With CulturaViva, we have created an innovative model about cultural mediation which are based on pedagogy. We believe in a responsible and sustainable cultural tourism which could generate funny experiences.

We believe in tours and cultural activities which could involve the people in an active way, by using education strategies that let them to find a place for reflexion and also generate the taste in culture and the possibility of sharing knowledge.

Our project is based on a strong pedagogical support, a critical and active pedagogy. We are very interested in building other stories that show the many different realities in the city.

Each one of our projects are based not only in museums and cultural centers, also the streets, markets, bars and homes that are the reflection of the people who are living there, all of us, locals and travelers, we all made possible to have special and unique experiences in this amazing city.

Recorridos únicos en Madrid

Who we are?


Cristina López Mesa
Cristina López

Cristina López Mesa. Cristina is graduated in Humanities (UAH) and postgraduate in Contemporary Art and visual culture (UAM), she is working for the cultural mediation department at the Reina Sofía Museum and Art Center, also collaborating in different projects that are linked to the cultural mediation in Madrid.

She was granted by the university, having the opportunity to live in Berlin, where she got in touch with topics that concern and are interesting for contemporary artists, that are the same for the rest of citizens, so, she learned about that shared reality which need to be showed through art expressions and new voices.

Her motivation is generating spaces of reflexion about art and culture, by focusing on contemporary art and its meanings.

Pedro Jiménez Lahoz
Pedro Jiménez Lahoz

Pedro Jiménez. Pedro knows that passion is the key for any door in life, at least it is like that for him, since he felt that passion in his first art lesson at the school when he was a child.

Self confident, he never goes unnoticed. Pedro, art historian, fascinated by fashion and architecture, he knows that we can find an interesting chat or learning in any single corner of this amazing city. Spaces speaks and they are waiting to be found.

Pedro gives everything in any tour, activity or gathering, he doesn’t know any other way to live and share culture and art.

After working as an official guide in Paris, London, San Francisco and Madrid of course, where he worked as cultural mediator and educator for different museums such as the Prado and the Reina Sofía, he is ready for a new and exciting project, he is looking for having and sharing new cultural experiences with CulturaViva.