About us

Qué hacemos en Cultura Viva Madrid

What do we do at Cultura Viva Madrid?

We create and develop unique cultural experience from our professionalism and customized attention. In Cultura Viva Madrid we offer guided visits to exhibitions, museums and cultural spaces, also exclusive urban tours and “a la carte” experiences. All of our proposals were conceived from a contemporary and dynamic perspective, just like Madrid is.

The visits and tours of Cultura Viva Madrid are targeted towards those who want to know the new cultural and urban scene of the city, in a fresh, personal, close and different way. Authentic “Gatos” (Madrid habitants), extraordinary tourist, regular residents, people adopted by Madrid, accidental passersby, all of the residents and visitors that are looking for the beautiful corners of Madrid are welcomed.

Madrid is a modern and living city, but it is also a historical village that needs those who love it to take care of it and spread the message of its cultural and historic wealth. This is what we do here in Cultura Viva Madrid.

What sets us apart?

In Cultura Viva Madrid, we believe in an inclusive culture, open to everyone. With this purpose in mind, we have designed an innovative model of cultural mediation and urban tourism with a strong pedagogic base.

We make visits and cultural activities that involve all of the participants. We develop educative strategies that allows to share knowledge, create and contemplate, to rediscover and enjoy Madrid together.

Our Project has a strong pedagogical backbone, supported by active and critical pedagogies, besides a fundamental interest in building other stories of the city that talk to us from the perspectives of gender and feminism, the LGTBI collective, the contemporary visual culture and contemporary art.

Each one of the Cultura Viva Madrid proposals, nurtures itself not only from museums and the city cultural spaces, but also from the streets, businesses, shops, bars and homes from Madrid, that are a reflection of the people who inhabits the city. And it is all of us, neighbors and travelers, who make each of the experience that we propose to be unique.

Recorridos únicos en Madrid

Who are Cultura Viva Madrid?

Cristina López Mesa
Cristina López

Cristina López has over 6 years of experience cultural mediation sector, through her incorporation on the Team of Cultural Mediation of the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center (Equipo de Mediación Cultural del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía), one of the first on that field in the country.

She lived for two years in Germany, where she had the opportunity to profoundly study some of the most innovative trends of the contemporary art, that later made her specialize on that field and to be able to combine it with the world of non-formal education. The transversality of her formation and of her work experience set her on the path to discover that on the tourism sector, the pedagogy and the lesser know stories of the city, also have a place. From this premise, Cultura Viva Madrid is born, an enthusiastic project that enables people know this new way of living the city.

Pedro Jiménez Lahoz
Pedro Jiménez Lahoz

Pedro is convinced that passion is a door opener, or at least that has been his case since he knew that sensation with his first art classes at the school.

Always taking risks, he never goes unnoticed, this art historian with a vocation of fashion designer, fascinated by architecture and urban culture, knows that an interesting conversation is lurking on every corner of the city, that places talks and are waiting to be found.

Pedro leaves a piece of his soul on every tour, every debate, every discovery and in each lesson learned, he confesses that he knows no other way.

After working a guide in Paris, London, San Francisco, and of course Madrid, where he has been an educator and cultural mediator of museums like “El Reina Sofia”, “Prado” o Caixaforum, he holds his illusions for a project like Cultura Viva Madrid, a new gate is opening for this seeker of cultural experiences.