Los recorridos homotemáticos de Madrid serán presentados en Fitur Gay

Cultura Viva Madrid will present on the Fitur Gay stand the homothematic tours of the Spain capital with culture and art as motors, with the help of expert pedagogues and cultural managers.

The homothematic tours of Madrid, in Fitur Gay

Fitur will be the scene of presentation of the tourism initiatives of this company, which develops an “innovative proposal” of guided tours in the Spain capital, with culture and art as engines.

Interview in the Nosotr@s magazine

Access the podcast of the radio program of M21 (Spanish only), where we were interviewed: “We have Cristina López and Pedro Jiménez, two of the four founders of the Cultura Viva Madrid company, with Elba Díaz and Ana Vaquero, who offers us a series of routes through the well-known Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, from their […]