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Cultura Viva En Canal Arte

Cultura Viva Madrid for ARTE channel. Madrid of the Bourbons.

During the eighteenth century, Carlos III of Spain, nicknamed “The best Mayor of Madrid”, implemented reforms throughout the structure of the city to modernize it and turn it into a true city of Vanguard.

His descendants followed his work, and Madrid came to become one of the most dazzling cities in Europe. We invite you to explore with us every detail of “Madrid of the Bourbons”

Interview in the Nosotr@s magazine

Entrevista a Cultura Viva Madrid en Nosotras, de M21 Radio

Access the podcast of the radio program of M21 (Spanish only), where we were interviewed:

“We have Cristina López and Pedro Jiménez, two of the four founders of the Cultura Viva Madrid company, with Elba Díaz and Ana Vaquero, who offers us a series of routes through the well-known Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, from their new route: “Pioneers”, about the women who created the neighborhood, to some gay routes to explore the most daring locals.”

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