Cultura Viva Madrid

Guided Urban tours in Madrid

The guided tours to be carried out by Cultura Viva Madrid aim to go beyond the merely explanatory, to carry out an experience that will become an unforgettable memory. All of them have been designed from an initial premise (theatre, contemporary art, urban planning projects in the 20th and 21st centuries, gardens, neighbourhood life and cultural heritage) to justify the various stops and experiences that surround it.

Our differential value lies in showing Madrid as a living and changing city, with its lights and shadows, where we tell how it has been transformed from a critical content, integrating the gender perspective and valuing the LGTBIQ+ culture. In order to do this, we rely on the intervention of people who build a day-to-day Madrid, entering their shops, or even sneaking into their work studies. In addition, we are committed to a working model that is respectful of the city. Our guided tours are designed for small groups, we design cultural circuits that come out of the central almond and we bring the traveller closer to local and local commerce.

Cultura Viva Madrid is an instrument of cultural mediation that conducts this experience in a unique way, always leaving room for spontaneity, surprise and authenticity.

Next scheduled activities

We will tell you all of Madrid’s stories which are as unique and diverse as the people who experience them. Will you join us? Look for your cultural experience, book it and enjoy.

We will publish the available dates for the next visits, tours, and experiences that you’ll be able to enjoy with us on our Facebook’s events schedule.

Our guided tours


Contemporary Art Galleries

Discover one of the most recently notable cultural resources of Madrid.

Madrid: A city of water and light

Listen to the voice of Madrid: “I was built upon water, my walls are made of fire”.

Malasaña: tradition and modernity in the most alternative Madrid

History and identity through revolutions. Madrid is lived in Malasaña.

Chueca. The Pioneers (Las Pioneras)

Beauty and diversity, lights and shadows of the homosexual revolution.

Heavens, Madrid!

a tour through the clouds, dancing through the rooftops to dive in the urban and balcony style of this sunny city

MADRID: a hotbed of theatre, leisure adn entertainment

we will put special attention on the life and works of our most famous writer, Miguel de Cervantes


Homoerotic in the “Prado”

Homosexuality and art: painting as a field for freedom.

The Details of “El Prado”

Open your eyes to the small details that make each canvas on something unique.

The Details of “El Reina” (world famous museum)

Everyone knows that the centerpiece of its collection is the “Guernica” but “El Reina” has a lot more to offer.